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Camper Crazy

What a strange old year it has been and we still have 137 days left! (yes, i counted them)

We decided to buy our van and have it converted back in February, for ourselves to drive to Italy for our wedding which is now postponed until next year.

Instead we used our time to work on setting up this little business having no idea how things would work out. Campervans have been around a very long time and camping and caravan holidays are a great UK tradition but now the country has gone camper crazy! much to our delight :)

Everyone has 'seen the light'. What a great adventure and fun it is to have your own freedom to just jump in and go wherever you like, being on holiday but not stuck in one place, killing many birds with one stone!

Whether it be exploring the beautiful coasts of Devon and Cornwall or driving around the highlands of Scotland. The UK truly has some beautiful hidden gems. It is lovely to see that people are getting to experience this and taking themselves out of their comfort zone and being forced to try something new, a 'staycation' as it is now known.

Our lovely customers have enjoyed the camper life so much, they have all said they were sad to be returning the camper and wish they had more time to enjoy her and some even rebooking! :)

For us it is selling happiness and why would anyone not want to do that?! We are so grateful for this to be working well for us and our customers and even in the 'quieter' times we will have this awesome camper for ourselves to enjoy! winners all round!

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