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Freedom For Flutter (our van)

So FINALLY the time has come for our Flutter to fly..or drive :)

After months of sitting on our driveway looking pretty (especially in all the snow), she can finally get on the road again and people can enjoy her splendour and all the fun and joy she can bring.

Over the lockdown period we have tried to use her as much as we can, throwing the wellies in, jumping in and of course not forgetting the kids! And usually never knowing where we are going to drive to.... which is all part of the adventure of course!

We have done a lot of coastal visits and walks by the beach with a little bit of fishing and then back in the camper for lunch (sometimes a cheeky chip butty) and nearly always a hot chocolate with marshmallows! yum! This has now become our 'Sunday thing', a little family tradition.

We are so excited that things are returning to some normality now and our calendar is filling up fast with happy campers looking forward to their adventures far and wide with Flutter. With the staycation being the new thing now, (well most certainly for this year) its a chance for people to try something new and step out of the comfort of a plane and hotel and try 'van life'. I'm yet to meet anyone who doesn't love it! But there is always a first time for everything :) ....which is exactly why if you haven't tried going on a trip in a camper it's a must!

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Hollie Freeman
Hollie Freeman
16 de abr. de 2021

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