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Time for reflection

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

As things are starting to return to some 'normality' some of you may be reflecting on what 'would have been'. All the planned trips, visits and holidays that had to be cancelled due to the lockdowns worldwide. Which has been very disappointing.

Us ourselves are some of those people as this year was to be one of the most important of our lives with our 'Italian wedding' planned for early August which has now been postponed to next year. This was also going to be our first real road trip in 'Flutter' driving down through France and stopping off at a few places where we have been before, Troyes (located south east from Paris) and Lake Annecy (further south east very close to the border with Italy) which has the most beautiful coloured lake we have ever seen with beautiful mountains as a backdrop! If you're a keen camper and love to travel check out these places.

And finally finishing off at our ultimate destination Lake Orta, Lombardy region where you find the more famous lakes such as Lake Garda and Lake Como.

So for now we have to replan for next year and move on and decide what we can make of this year as I'm sure a lot of people will be doing.

Holidaying in Britain will now be increasingly popular...and what a better way to do it than in a camper! We all need some excitement and something to look forward to in these hard times, and while its not quite sitting on a sun lounger sipping cocktails, it most certainly is an adventure! And definitely one to be tried at least once in a lifetime and we can guarantee your kids will LOVE it!

So for now it's time to get planning for when those campsites open up! or maybe just a visit to some family that live a little further a field.

And for us a short trip planned for when it would have been our wedding day in August!

Lake Orta, Italy

Taken from the 'Camping Orta' campsite

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