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Covid Camper Days

Well what a strange time it is to be alive and most certainly to be starting up our business but despite it all we must all remain positive and start looking forward to the 'camper days' ahead.....

So it's been a little quiet of late for our lovely 'Flutter' who is waiting patiently (like the rest of us) to get out on the road again! We are preparing for what we are hoping to be a successful summer and can't wait to get away with the kids ourselves, enjoy some sun and BE FREE!! (finally)

We have been using our time to get everything prepared to make everyones rentals a comfortable and happy one. And I'm sure you'll all agree that anywhere 'away' is better than everywhere at home right now.....

Stay safe and stay at home...until you can rent a camper...then rent ours :)

T6 Camper on the drive - COVID19 days

VW Campervan on lockdown

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